Tact Coins

Details about Tact Coins

What is Tact Coins?

It is similar to Google credits (or game credits) where volunteers can get the coins from the employers after finishing the requirements and the proper delivery.
You can convert those coins into real cash or gift cards every week.

How much is 1 Tact Coin worth of?

Tact Coins (since Jan 04, 2021) 23 Tact Coins = 1 ₹ 1 Tact Coin = 0.0434 INR 1 Tact Coin = 0.000869 $CAD 23 Tact Coins = 0.0199 $CAD
Old Tact Coins (keeping it only for audition purpose) 25 Tact Coins = 1 ₹ 1 Tact Coin = 0.04 INR Tact Coins = 0.0008 $CAD 25 Tact Coins = 0.002 $CAD

When can I get the money?

Your tact coins will be accumulated regularly upto a week. Every weekend we will run the Spin Time where your name will be there (if you have enough coins). You can see a sample wheel like below:
Featurepreneur - Spin Time
If your name comes on the wheel, you will be eligible to convert your Tact Coins to either cash or gift cards. Usually, gift cards will be more worth comparing the cash. However, it is up to you whether you go with gift cards or cash.
If you are already converted your Tact Coins in either one of your last 3 weeks spins, you will not be eligible for the upcoming spin. By excluding the winners, we can give more options for other volunteers whoever didn't get cash/gift cards.
Previous Spin Time:
Spin Time '26 | Featurepreneur | 14-02-2021 | Valentine Edition

What if my name doesn't come in the Wheel at all?

If your name doesn't come for the 7 consecutive weeks in the lucky wheel, your existing Tact Coins will be converted automatically. So, you can get the cash/gift after 7 weeks.
However, this 7 consecutive weeks applicable only for whoever came for the Spin Time weekly events and didn't get a chance to win from the lucky wheel.
If you didn't show up for the Spin Time event (happens every Sunday 7pm IST), you will not be qualified to cash out after 7 weeks. You must come to the Spin Time for the consecutive 7 weeks to be eligible for the default cash out option.

Why prime numbers like 23?

We hear you. We are obsessed with prime numbers and you can check the details here: