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Equality Essay Contest
Everyone is born equal~
Are you 10-17 years old?
Are you good at writing essay in English or any south Indian languages?
If yes for the questions above, you can participate this Equality Essay contest and share your thoughts to bring the Equality in our society like how to eradicate caste/religion/region/language based discrimination at school, workplace and especially in marriages.
Featurepreneur thinks Equality is a vital component for the innovation and we would like you to expand your thinking and pour it in an essay about your dream society where Everyone is born Equal.
Best esssay will get a surprise gift payment from Featurepreneur Management board!
Bring them on!
    Your essay should not create any hatred against any specific communities
    Your essay should talk about how to bring equality in future
    Your essay should state how to educate people about equality
    Your essay should bring ideas to eradicate caste/religion/region/language discrimination
    Essay should have 500 - 800 words
    It can be in English or any south Indian languages
Submission Deadline:
April 4, 2021 10 pm EST
How to submit?
Option 1:
Option 2: (Go classic)
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