The Great Escape!!
Scapanza - The Great Escape, is a fun and intriguing game that surely peaks curiosity in the minds of young thinkers and developers.

A Glimpse of Scapanza:

This game offers an opportunity to the participants to enhance their cognitive and problem-solving skills. In this game, you will find yourself locked in a room along with your teammates and have to solve a set of tasks given to you within the time limit.
The topic of the game will be announced 10 minutes before the game to keep you all on your toes for the next 40 minutes. A technical-based topic will be assigned to all the teams which will be divided into 10 tasks. Do not panic.
Each team will be assigned a helper who has good knowledge about the topic and will definitely help you out when needed.
Once you reach the last stage, you will have to solve a riddle and announce your answers. The first team to capture the master key wins.
The tagline "Use your brains, or lose your coins !", gives off the meaning that every clue you ask for completing your levels, will cost you some amount of TactCoins from the total number of coins given to you.
This event is exclusively for school children, in order to test their listening, thinking, developing skills and to also put them all to a test and actually see if teamwork truly makes a dream work!