Learning Challenge Tournament

pick your team and learn together to win the title~

We are conducting a Learning Challenge Tournament with our Featurepreneurs. If you want to participate, what you have to do:

  • Pick your team member members (2-3 learners allower per team)

  • Come up with a catchy name for your team

  • Pick a topic to learn (usually we recommend you to learn same topic, however you make the choice)

  • Pick number of days (we have both 30 and 50 days options)

  • Post it on LinkedIn

  • Record your learning (audio recording is enough) with your team member (maximum 2 minutes for each member)

  • Keep your recording within 6 mins (assuming 3 learners update for 2 minutes each)

  • Share with us on Slack (learning-challenge Featurepreneur channel would be great)

Weekly Coins:

We pick the best team every week and give them a random Tact coins to appreciate their learning. Tact coins can be from 1150 TC to 25300 TC (goes to team) and you may get lucky to win max conis!

How do we pick the best?

  • We use dual-scoring/tri-scoring system to evaluate your learning.

    • Dual scoring: Judges and Social likes

    • Tri scoring: Judges, Social likes and ML validation

  • We check for content quality and consistency on the learning

  • Also, we will verify whether you are leveling up on the topic

  • We use Turtle score on the learning as well

LinkedIn Post Template:

Day N of the #50daysofcode Challenge with Featurepreneur.

(3-6 lines about your learning)

Time Spent: N Hours

#50dayslearningchallenge #50dayscoding #learningchallenge #learning #featurepreneur #featurepreneurship #peerchallenge #studentchallenge #mlchallenge #machinelearning #learning #featurepreneur #featurepreneurship

Sample Post:

Day 26 of the #50daysofcode Challenge with Featurepreneur.

Heading back to ML, these were the things I learned today:

* Clustering and Centroid-based clustering
* Clipping

Clustering is a Machine Learning technique that groups the data into related groups or clusters if you will.

Centroid-based clustering is the process of clustering using centroids to denote the center of each cluster.

Clipping is a process to get rid of outliers, you know the values that stick out like sore thumbs. For a range of values that exist, the values lower than the range are replaced with the lower limit, and values higher than the range are replaced with the higher limit.

Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

#50dayslearningchallenge #50dayscoding #learningchallenge #learning #featurepreneur #featurepreneurship #peerchallenge #studentchallenge #mlchallenge #machinelearning #learning #featurepreneur #featurepreneurship

Sample Posts:

Winners History:

Week 1: March 21, 2021


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