Bootcamp - Python Dev

13 Weeks FunTech Ride

Python with ML Basics Bootcamp:


Python is often considered as a great language for newcomers/novices to start their journey towards the world of software development, due to its simplicity. It is also a versatile language which can be effectively used in many technologies extending from web applications to working with data analytics and Machine Learning.
It acts as a great platform to kick start your learning path, thus Python is widely considered a valuable and must-learn language for almost all domains in the realm of programming!
Our course has been designed to cover python from it’s fundamentals, equipping our students with the necessary knowledge to discover the core principles and vast ocean of concepts and their usages.
Students will be made familiar with the python language through interactive mentoring sessions, practical real time assignments and a gamified experience! We make sure that the students are able to write ,run and play with basic to advanced python scripts.

Why Programmers love Python?

Released in 1991, python has greatly risen in ranks and become one of the most popular and trending language in the world.In December 2020, Python was ranked the third most popular programming language, behind C and Java, in the TIOBE programming community index.
The reasons for this exponential growth in popularity is because of many reasons. One major advantage is its simplicity and readability. It is easy to decipher unlike many other programming languages. This has made python a beginner friendly language.
Python has a great community support, continual updates and documentation ,which sets in apart from other languages. It can easily be extended to many domains like data science, ML, web development which confirms the future growth of python is certain.

Benefits of learning Python:

Designed with future growth in mind, the language is designed to easily adapt to newer technologies and keep up the pace as programming industry evolves. The foundation taught with python provides learners with the requisites needed to pursue any of the efficient languages.
Python is a promising language in the industry and a must learn skill for all students from all levels of coding knowledge. Students to professionals, will be able to utilize the power of python throughout their careers in varied fields.


Python Basics:

  • Variables & Expressions
  • Conditions
  • Loops & Iterations
  • Functions & Methods
  • Data Structures

Python Advanced:

  • Class
  • Design Patterns
  • Error Handling
  • Errors with Enums
  • Load config files

Flask Basics:

  • Simple server
  • Port change
  • TBD

Flask Advanced:

  • Flask-Script Manager
  • Gunicorn with Manager
  • Gunicorn single and multi server with Manager
  • Dynamic DB (MongoDB, MySQL, MSS-SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Dynamic DB with DB Tunnel (Bastion host)
  • Email with Flask (SMTP)

Docker Basics:

  • TBD

Docker Advanced:

  • Run with Docker compose
  • TBD


  • TBD

Ubuntu/Unix Basics:

  • TBD


  • Backend service
  • Frontend service
  • NLP service
  • DB Migration


  • EC2
  • VPC
  • IAM
  • Security Group Subnet
  • Load Balancer

AWS for Microservices:

  • ECS
  • ECR
  • Task Definition
  • ECS Service
  • ECS Microservice
  • Docker Environment Variables
  • Docker Environment Variables in Param Store

CircleCI CICD:

  • Overview
  • Simple Job
  • Multiple Jobs
  • AWS Deployment


  • Basic Jenkins setup on AWS Ubuntu
  • Jenkins Deploy by creating a job

Tool Exploring:

  • SourceTree
  • GitKraken
  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Git Tools
  • TablePlus
  • Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04

IAC (Infrastructure as Code)

  • CloudFormation Basics
  • Terraform


  • Overview
  • TBD

Git Basics:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Git Branch
  • Pull Request
  • Review pull request

Git Advanced:

  • Git submodule
  • Git ignore with advanced configurations
  • Git LFS
  • Git history deletion


  • Basic Agile concepts
  • Scrum Poker
  • Basic Agile flow


  • How to deploy a simple app on Heroku
  • Deploy with Heroku CLI
  • Heorku logs adn error-handling


  • Vanilla Javascript
  • Ajax
  • Ajax GET/POST
  • Error Handler


  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • MS-SQL
Bootstrap, CSS

Canandian and US Culture and Communication skills:

  • Canadian & US etiquette
  • Canadian & US Emailing rules and professionalism
  • Canadian & US daily phrases
  • Canadian & US TV shows and topics
  • Local hot topics (travel, food, basketball, hockey, etc)


Total Hours: 520 Hours This is including your assignment and other factors
Mentoring: 260 Hours
Assignment, clarification with mentors, Assignment validation: 260 Hours

Workshop Add-On:

  1. 1.
    Errornum Naanum
  2. 2.
    HBR Break (Communication Improvements)
  3. 3.
    5-10 mins (Tech/Fun) Game
  4. 4.
    Random Standup
  5. 5.
    Expert/Industrial Tips
  6. 6.
    American/Canadian Phrases
  7. 7.
    Talk Abroad (talk about one city in America/Canada)
  8. 8.
    Random Audio listening
  9. 9.
    Learn with RJ
  10. 10.
    FunTech Memes

Featurepreneur Uniqueness

  • Students teach students
  • Flexible timing (can be extended to 17-20 weeks)
  • Gamified teaching methods
  • 50% tech, 50% games
  • Natural learning with Memes
  • Get the hands dirty on the Day 1
  • Zero slides, Zero theories
  • Experts share their experience from the industrial point of view
  • Real time scenarios with errors
  • Focus more on the error scenarios and problem solving oriented
  • AWS access to students (1-2 students per season)
  • Capstone projects
  • Industrial strength coaching with complex code base

Graduation Criteria

  • You should finish at least 50 hours of volunteer work with any Researchers (non-indian preferred)
  • You should have done a minimum of 2 Capstone projects
  • You should have created one open source projects or contributed 20 hours on any existing open source projects
  • You should have shown a demo for 25+ audience
  • You should have done at least 100 hours assignment
  • You should have done at least 2 Random Quick Projects with TactLabs


  • You might be eligible to get AWS Exam scholarship from Featurepreneur fund (once in every 5 months)
  • Your feature might be eligible for Tact Coins. Coin Assessment Board (CAB) will have to decide whether your feature is eligible for Tact Coins or not. They will do the assessment and let you know if yes and how much.
  • Some gaming features might be eligible for Royalty payment (per run or per month). This assessment has to be done by the CAB as well.
  • Based on your learning and commitment, you might be eligible to get into Internship with TactLabs for one of these titles: DevOps Intern, MLOps Intern, Research Intern, Developer Intern, & SWAT Intern.


This course does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. As such, it was not reviewed.