Hidden Stocks

Tact is always about surprises~

We are introduing Hidden stocks for all employees (including part time) of Tactii (including TactLabs). It will effect after 6 months of your employment.

The hidden stock will be available to cash out when they leave or whenever Tactii has a budget to deliver. Employees can keep the stock and it can grow with the company. Employees can cash out only certain amount like 20% and keep the rest in the stock.

Sample: Kevin finished 13 months for TactLabs. Based on Kevin's productivity and commitment, we are giving 5k INR monthly, so totally 13 * 5 = 75k.

Venkataramanan finished 24 months for TactLabs and about to quit in the 25th month. Based on Venkataramanan's productivity and commitment, we are giving 3k INR monthly, so totally 24 * 3 = 72k. Since, he plans to keep 20% stock and cash out the rest, we will relase 58k and keep the 14k with TactLabs.


Do the employees know how much hidden stock they have accumulated during the employoment?

No. Hidden stocks is NOT regular stock/equity that you can get from other startups. Only the top managment knows about the hidden stocks and it can be revealed to the employees when they leave the company.

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