Public Feature Requirements - II

FS1101: ML Article Collector

Both moderators and Automators

For the first 1000 articles, moderators should collect them After 1000 articles, only 20% work should be done by the moderators. Everything else should be taken care of our ML Engine.

It should be deliverable in Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

FS1102: Salagar's Test

Salagar's Test

FS1103: PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer in posts like above

FS1104: ImageTable To Text

Get text from image table

FS1105: PR News Analyzer

PR News Analyzer:

FS1106: Find Fake ML'er

Find Fake ML'er

FS1107: Country Code to Country Converter

Country Code to Country Converter

The existing python tool is not good enough

FS1108: Random Food Menu


I need to add More items

FS1109: ML PDF

Create better PDF for ML posts

FS1110: Tag Creator for FPR Post

Tag Creator for FPR posts.

Input: Automate Your Python Script with Process Manager 2 (PM2) Step by Step Guide With an Example of COVID-19 Data Scraping

Output: TBD

FS1111: Spending Analyzer

I have 2 months transactions of my random client. Just do a pie chart and tell me where did I spend much

Admin: Convert as a task and get NDA

FS1112: LI Specific Posts

Collect specific posts like this:

FS1113: Song Like Graph

Get Song likes every 2 mins by using PM2 and Python

FS1114: Kaggle Ranking

Kaggle Ranking and Color change. Independent research

FS1115: Partner Reminder

This app will collect information about your partner and will remind you often like:

What is her/his favorite food?

It can be a best tool for the first year couple or the person who forgets about his partner

FS1116: RTG Questions

RTG Questions in Typeform like UI

FS1117: Job Requirement Analyzer

Job Requirement Analyzer

P1 - P5: 50, 100, 150, 250, 400 = 950





FS1120: Analyze Kaggle Description

Analyze Kaggle Description:

I am Passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning and I love to work on data and data related Projects. I have specializations in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Visualizations. I have hands on with Data Science tools such as Jupyter Notebooks. I have done Projects under Classification, Regression, Clustering, Image Classification, Recommendation Systems, Data Analysis, Data Visualizations, Data Mining etc. I have completed my in Computer Science from ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad.

FS1121: Image Processing Parallel Work

Image processing Parallel work

I have 200 images. I need to do some custom process work parallelly in Python (with Celery) and improve the speed. 1. Make it sequence based - process images one by one 2. Try to find parallel processing and improve performance

FS1122: Junk or Not

Junk or Not

Find whether the food is Junk food or not

P1..P5: 50, 100, 150, 250, 400

FS1123: Product Classifier

Product Classifier:

Collect product description of 2 categories (Beauty, Beer). Create a binary classifier in Keras

P1..P5: 50, 100, 150, 250, 400


FS1124: Vague Freelancing Requirements

Collect ML requirements from freelancing platforms and classify Vague or Not Vauge

FS1125: MLM Finder

Find MLM by first 3 statements

FS1126: ML Post Emitter

ML Post Emitter:

  • Should generate #tags

  • Should check spelling mistake

  • Should have custom NER

  • Should

P1: Just generate default tags for Featurepreneur

P2: Auto tagging

FS1127: Zip Files Renamer

I have a zip file which contains 50 images. You need to rename the existing files with 1-100 (or any random numbers) and give me as a zip file.

FS1128: Support or Opposer

Supporter or Opposer

Find this video is supporting Amway or opposing it. You should use ML to do that.

FS1129: Market Alerts

I need to get an email every day to say the market is red or not.

FS1130: Background Changer

Changing Background by analyzing voice

Analyze keys and bring a free image in the background

FS1131: Image2Table


Convert Image to Table. Get the table cells in text format.


FS1132: PDF Downloader

PDF Downloader like this:

FS1133: Table Or Not

Table or Not

Classify the image whether the image is table or not

Sample table image:

Sample non-table image:

FS1134: Classify Weapon Bundles

Classify weapon bundles

By using a simple classification on the weapon bundle, we should be able to classify whether the bundle is Halloween bundle or Christmas bundle

It will avoid us sending the wrong weapon bundle while publishing.

FS1135: Tech Posts

Collect various linkedin posts including tech. Classify tech or non-tech among those

FS1136: Hatebase Collector

Collect some dataset from here

FS1137: Image Collector

Collect only above 5000*3000 images in Python

FS1138: Internship Certificate Automation

Automate our existing Internship Certificate

P1: Base certificate

P2: Add hidden unique code so we can verify the certificate later

FS1139: Neuvoo Analyzer

Analyze how much % false positive am I getting from for "Data Scientist"?

What is false positive

FS1140: InterviewGation

InterviewGation Improvements

Improve the interviewgation app

FS1141: Simple Email Finder

P Manikanta-

Trinadh Reddy -
"B Adityan,
K Gowtham,"
Surya kumar

Create a simple email finder

FS1142: IWould

IWould App:

It's a survey like app which would let you fix the future price for a product.

Right now, Netflix in my region costs 15$/month. I would subscribe if it is 8$/month

Youtube premium costs $11/month. I would subscribe if 6$/month

FS1143: Social Score

Social Score

We need a small app to highlight helping mindset people with social score. More social score would let them to get some discounts like student discounts.

FS1144: Audio Converter

Zamzar like work

FS1145: Reviewer Engine

I need a reviewer engine like this

FS1146: Profile Pic Analyzer

Collect nice profile pics and analysis on them.

FS1147: StandupYov

For Daily standup, I need to show random order with some UI and animaton

P1: Show with a good UI

P2: Identify the voice and then highlight the current speaker and move on to the next when it is done

FS1148: Standup Transcription

Transcribe Daily Standup


FS1149: Poster Analysis

Poster Analysis

Sample posters:

FS1150: Headshot Analysis

Headshot Analysis

FS1151: LyricsVideo Creator

Rakita Rakita

Make AI to create a video for this

FS1152: Image Processing Work

Image Processing work: Problem 1: It takes 2 to 7 hours on the Image processing work because of ImageMagick IO issue. If we can create a better library than ImageMagick which can be integrated with Python, it would be great.

Final outcome would be a new library like ImageMagick with higher performance with Dask and Numpy integration.

tag: research

FS1153: Poster Validator

Poster Validator: After creating a poster, we have to validate against our data to avoid mistake like these: Madhumitha vs Madumitha



FS1155: AWS Cost Analyzer

AWS Cost Analyzer

Analyze AWS Cost from the receipts

FS1156: Cleanup PDF

I have a receipt PDF. I need to erase the confidential information like name, adddress of the receiver by using PDF.

FS1157: Turtle Score

Turtle Score

FS1158: Pushup Validator

In BDB events, we are giving 6 pushups as a challenge. We don't have a clear proof whether someone is doing a push up or not.

FS1159: Kaipull Gun

Kaipulla Gun

Throw various funny scnes in the background when we talk in Just Google It session.

FS1160: Meme Developer

Meme Developer Hiring

You should be good at

FS1161: Local Quote Maker

Need to create a local quote maker like this

AI based wallpaper.

You tell soemthing. We understand your meaning and find the right images for you.

FS1162: Just Google It

Just Google IT (JGI)

Need to integrate the tech quiz with NLP

Find the statement depth L1, L2, and L3

If L1, give low factor L2, give medium factor L3, give high factor

These decision making should be done by Human and NLP Engine

Over time, these decision making should be done by NLP Engine.

You need to collect everyone's link and then find the highest speed by using OCR and other libraries.



FS1164: Small Discussion Transcription

Transcribe Small discussion with our clients (private data)

Phases: 1. Manual Transcription 2. Automate it with AWS/Azure/Google/PyKaldi 3. Auto title creation 4. Auto tag creation

FS1165: CineCards

MoviesCount Popularity AwardsCount YearsInTheIndustry RoleDiversityScore InstagramFollowers TwitterFollowers

FS1166: Food Photo Quality Meter

Collect 200 food photos 180 good photos, 20 low quality photos Predict the quality photos

FS1167: Quote Maker

Quote maker like this

  1. Random image picker.

  2. Change based on the text

FS1168: Ahmed Index

Ahmed Index: We need to find similar Indian Scientists who changed the world

FS1169: CarryYou Index

CarryYou Index: Theranos skeptist similar people

FS1170: API Docs

I need page like this to show KAPI (Kollywood API)

FS1171: Certificate Maker

I need to automate the cerficate making in BDB, Intern via Herokuapp. Create a Flask app and automate this work.

FS1172: SPB Index

Find the similar singers to SPB

FS1173: Ilaiyaraaja Index

Find the similar Music Directors to Ilaiyaraaja

FS1174: Mani Ratnam Index

Find the similar Directors to Mani Ratnam

FS1175: Lyrics Collector

Collect lyrics from videos like this by using Tensorflow

FS1176: Madurai Souljar Index

Find similar players of MS

FS1177: WordBuilding

WordBuilding with NLP Burst:

People say words Our engine will listen to them and show the word with bursting cloud (like crackers) with points related to the words How to get points for each word? That's where Tact Scoring Engine comes as Unique Selling Element

Created by: Lil Boys

FS1178: Trump Tweet Analyzer

Spelling mistakes in Trump tweets

FS1179: Trump Twitter Analyzer

Followers, Retweet counts of Trump

FS1180: Video Cleanup

I have some recorded videos which might contain AWS sensitive information. You have to write a code in Tensorflow to find whether I do have AWS sensitive information or not.

If sensitive information is available, show the section of in the video.

FS1181: Video Thumbnail Maker

I have a video that should be uploaded on YouTube. When I try to publish, youtube gives me only limited thumbnails which are not enough for me.

You shoud write a code to emit 20-50 thumbnails for my video so I can post the best thumbnail on YouTube.


We want to have a symbol for our Tact Coins. You can create some currency symbols like below and share with us.


By using any image proessing technique or ML algorithm/lib, get each state with population.


Collect best lines from TV shows like these:

Two and Half Men How I Met Your Mother Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Modern Family Do some sentiment analysis on those best lines and put them in the table.

P1: 25 Lines P2: 50 Lines


Vivekanandha Index

Collect various thinkers like Vivekanandha with simple variables.


We have to find which team member has the high speed internet. For this, we ask everyone to send a link of their speed test result like below:


ImageMagick Do some sample work with ImageMagick.


SICA Effect and Research We need some volunteers to work on our SICA effect and research work. We will explain things in person.


Ontario addresses like in this format N0N 0N0. We need to come up with this format in South Indian states and addresss.

Come up with algorithm to change all pincodes to new format.


Requirements for JGI (Just Google It)

1.Login for each team 2.Enter Question(by each team) 3.Display question ( Question to be displayed after certain time limits 2 mins - answering, the next qn displaying) 4.Storing JGI topic and Question (Can be used for future use) 5.Scoring for admin


Tact Among Us 1.Choosing random words 2.Choosing crew mate and imposter 3.Decide number of rounds 4.Order of participants 5.Emergency meeting for each round/each person


Requirements for tulkot synge : 1.Questions are displayed in the screen . 2.There are certain time limit for answering . 3.First,they want to find the song . 4.The answering team has to sung the song (if expectation matches extra points awarded) . 5.Storing songs and sentences (Can be used for future use).


Tact-Cricket: Max score : Winner Scores range : [0,2,4,6,1,3] Out : 0 (appearing on the screen) Score : Cummulative adding of the numbers

Achievements : Continuous 3 fours = +6 Continuous 3 sixes = +9 Continuous 6 fours = +12 Continuous 6 sixes = +18


Thooki Jail la podunga sir (Game) Requirements 1. each member has to tell a letter to find out the movie/technical 2. If letter told by the person is crct - Fill those letter in empty spaces 3. If wrong for the first time face of the man will be drawn, then hand, then leg, then put in jail If they didnt find the answer within that chance,out of the game


AnyTask with Celery

Image processing, Video conversion, Video anaysis, take any task. It should be done by our app with external plugins where developers can add plugins and inject them.

Status: In Progress Feature Holder: Team Celery


Find similar nobel prize winners of Solow and make a visual about them.


Gitbook table to REST API:

I need to convert simple table to API. This would be used for spin the wheel winners. So, I can store the details in the Gitbook and then give a link to Front end guys to get the work done ASAP.







For more see: Public Feature Requirements III

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