Public Feature Requirements Jr

Applicable only for Juniors (Age 10 - 17)


TubeLines: You have to watch the video and type 3 lines about the video like what is the video about.

Sample: TDB

P1: Collect for 10 videos P2: Convert it to an app with CRUD operation P3: Scale it to 100 videos


WikiLines: Read a wiki page and bring the best 7 lines from Wiki.

P1: Collect for 10 pages P2: Convert it to an app with CRUD operation by using Beautifulsoup P3: Scale it to 100 pages


Kids' Driver: Kids have to find the best driver in their local places and give the badge (we will provide the badges to the participating kids) to the driver. Every badge will have a specific code in it. The drivers can take a photo with the badge on shirt and upload the images in our app. We will find the best among those drivers and award them.

Awards: Unique gift card chosen by F13R team Handwritten letters from F13R core team (Founder, admin team) A small medal

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