Newbie Feature Requirements

Applicable only for Featurepreneur newbies


Collect literacy rates of various countries and store them in CSV file

Create a simple graph by using Highcharts.


Collect Indian state popluation from 1951 to 2011


Collect population by states between 2001 and 2011 and do some charts in Highcharts.


Collect vadivelu movies and give a score for each movie. Do a simpe chart with Highcharts and show all scores.


Collect Nayanthara movies and give your personal score for each movie. Store them in CSV file and show them in the chart by using Highchart.


We want to collect top 100 schools in Tamilnadu. You can collect from various sources and come up with your peronsal score (1-100) for each score. Store them in CSV file and show a graph in Highcharts.


Collect Vijay movies and give acting score between 1-100 for each movie (your personal score is fine) and store them into CSV.

Do a simple table in HTML with sorting option.


Top 10 Thamizh Rap songs:

Madurai Souljour - "Yeppadi Padinaro" Unofficial Street Jam In Thiruvizha

Yogi B & Natchatra - Madai Thiranthu featurin’ Mista G

Collect your favorite top 10 Thamizh rap songs and give them score for each song. Do a simple chart with them.


Collect 25 random South Indian school kids' 5$CAD wishlist and share with us. We will find a random kid and let their kids' come true.

Put them in the table.


Top 10 revolutionaries who support women right, african american rights


Top 10 Local restaurants in Chennai, Madurai, Toronto, New York


Top 100 Youtube channels and their Genre


Top 50 Best Innovative companies


Top 10 Influencers in the Finance world


Collect the release information and show some visual on it.



Beautify this content in Python or any other programming

FN8028 - Collect Top 10 Video Streaming Platform

Collect the data and visualize using Highcharts

FN8029 - Top 15 most visited websites in the World

Collect the data and visualize using Highcharts

FN8030 - Top 25 Influencers across Social Media

Collect the data and visualize using Highcharts

FN8031 - Top 7 Most Worthy Global Brands

Collect the data and visualize using Highcharts

FN8031 - Visualize Amazon's Revenue Breakdown

Classify according to the percent of income from every category.

FN8032 - Most Loved Products during Pandemic

Collect the most loved brands during 2020 by the people worldwide

FN8033 - Top 10 Green Energy Companies by Market Capitalisation

Collect the top Green Energy producing companies in NYSE.

FN8034 - Major acquisitions of Microsoft to date

Collect the companies that are acquired by Microsoft

FN8035 - Top 7 Paid News Subscription Websites

Collect the most popular news subscription sites with its number of users

FN8036 - Visualise Bitcoin Growth for 5 years

Show the growth of top 5 bitcoin stocks in NYSE

FN8037 - Important events timeline during Pandemic

Visualize a timeline structure showing the most important global events that occurred during the pandemic.

FN8038 - Change of Gaming Trend from 90's

Collect the data of Gaming Insights and find the reason for its changes.

FN8038 - How long will Amazon survive?

Collect the insights and rise of Amazon and predict how long will it survive in this rapidly changing world

FN8039 - World's Largest IPOs

Collect the best IPOs that produced great benefits for its investor in the long run.

FN8040 - Sectors most affected by Pandemic

Collect data based on the net loss faced by each sector and Visualize the major sectors affected by pandemic and lead to unemployment.

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