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Game: TactSay
Say or Pay
Tact Say is similar to Monopoly/Business game with a little learning flavor involved in it.
Instead of keeping everything business motive, we came up with option to learn and have fun as well.
We have kept the properties with 70% of technical things and 30% kollywood things.
Tact Say 1.4
You can check how to play Tact Say here:
Tact Say - How to Play
Sample Game: (Thamizh version)
Tact Say - Game E02
Tact Say - Ubuntu & Theme:
Ubuntu Commands:
    Command: ping
    Command: du
    Command: mkdir
    Command: cat
    Command: ls
    General Command (Say any command)
    Command: curl
    Command: kill
    Command: grep
    Command: cp
    Command: uname
    Command: wget
    Command: cd
    Command: pwd
    Command: mv
    Command: top
    Command: ps
    Command: rm
    Genius Corner (Say a complex/important command like chmod)
    Command: chmod
Kollywood Artists:
    K: Surya
    K: Samantha
    K: Vadivelu
    K: GV prakash
    K: Vijay
    K: Trisha
    K: Yuvan Shankar Raja
    K: Gautam Menon
    K: Goundamani
    K: Hip hop tamizha
Theme 2: Docker command and Information To Be Created
Theme 3: AWS components with Kollywood
Theme 4: Git commands with Kollywood
Theme 5: Docker, Git, AWS and Kollywood

Game Winner History

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