Game Coins

Let's play with Featureprenur Game Coins!
Every time, you play a tech or non-tech game, you might need game coins. You can convert Tact Coins into Game Coins and start playing them.
This is similar to Casino games where you convert real chips with money and vise versa.
Also, you can buy game coins with real currency (₹ / $CAD / $USD) or with Tact Coins.
How much 1 Tact Coin worth in Game Coin? 1 Tact Coin = 83 Game Coins 1 ₹ = 1909 Game Coins
Most of the games will have an entry fee of 100 Game Coins. With 1 Tact coin, you can play a game!
Why prime numbers like 23, 83? We hear you. We are obsessed with prime numbers and you can check the details here: