Featurepreneur Benefits

Don't you want to be a featurepreneur?

These benefits will be applicable only for active Featurepreneurs. Talk to us to get know whether you are an activer Featurepreneur or not!

Student mentors

Best performer from intern can be mentor.

Industrial Strength

Trending technologies will be taught. We will share our industrial requirements for you to be trained before you train the students.

Mac dream

Every year , Mac book would be released to one among the community.

Education Fund

A special fund will be allocated for education purpose. Terms and condition apply.

Linux Insurance

In case of any failure due to ubuntu installation,you can claim insurance. Terms and condition apply.

Canadian Researchers & Research values

If you out perform our expectation and prove your skills, you can work with Canadian researcher.

Royalty Payment for top 5-10% Apps

Successful apps will get the royal payment like 100 INR per run/month (conditions apply).

Regular AMA with Researchers

You will get to meet the researchers/ML Experts bi-weekly and improve your ML skills.

Weekly report card

We are planning to create a report card for all featurepreneurs and mentors. This will be used to showcase better for the students and employers.

ML Articles, ML Feeds

We are planning to send ML Feeds (2 feeds per day) through web app or mobile app. Your subscription will be free as a mentor.

200$ -1000$ CAD research fund for papers

Every year, we will be allocating budge to fund the research papers. As a mentor you can work on the research paper and you might be eligible to get this fund approved.

If you find any research program online, you can let us know. Based on the available budget, we will fund your program. It can be scholarship or loan (with 0% interest) where you need to pay back within 4 years.

Employed by our clients

As we are increasing our client base, you might have a chance to get hired by our clients.

Dream Loan

This dream loan is applicable only for education related upgrades.

Random Gift cards

We will issue random gift cards for our mentors based on the available budget. This is to nurutre the mentor community.

Random Challenge and Gift cards

We run random challenges and issue gift cards for whoever finished the challenge.

Random Events and Gift cards

We conduct random tech/non-tech events and you will have higher chances to win gift cards through these random events.

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