Interactive Micr Learning Framework v1.2

Updated at Jan 10, 2021

  1. Interactive Micro Learning Framework (IMLF)

  2. Mentor will ask the students to Google and answer

  3. One student will do coding and other students will help him/her

  4. Make it fun and learning

  5. Students can Google it for finding the answers

  6. Pointing system for each class and then give a small gift card (e.g.: Chocolate, Ice Cream, or anything) and a badge for the student.

  7. Interactive Session rather than Mentor giving sessions

  8. Industrial-Strength small assignments

  9. Git push every 15 mins

  10. Find some funny candidates and encourage them to keep it fun

  11. Customize for the local group

  12. Max 10 students in 2 different groups

  13. Customized language (both English and local)

  14. Associated with Movies, Comedies, Funny situations (Whatever fun, we will integrate)

  15. Reflecting 90% of the Industrial practices whats happening at IT work places every day

  16. Focusig more on problem and problem analysis rather than solutions

  17. Funny and Interesting small projects to work on

  18. 1 Hour to 10 Hour Quick project

  19. Techniques use to get rid of the "Fear of Coding"

  20. Zero Slides, Zero theories, Zero Bullshit