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Research Requirements
Tactiians do research always!!
Default Fund:
100$ - 500$ - Research - Phase 1 100$ - 500$ - Research with International publication - Phase 2

FR1101: Stack and Tact Index

predict the technologies like Python, Julia whether they will grow or shrink
Phase 1
50 keys data collection
Dec 19, 2020
Phase 2
ARIMA model base
Dec 22, 2020
Phase 3
Top 10 lib scaling
Jan 15, 2021
Status: In Progress Research Holder: MIT Friends

FR1102: ImageMagic Alternate

ImageMagic library alternate to reduce the processing time
200 - 800$CAD - Commission - Phase 2

FR1103: Synthetic20

Based on 20% of the data, we can generate 80% data.

FR1104: Pose Generator

Pose generator for models

FR1105: DevZam

Shazam like algorithm to find the similarity between developers.

FR1106: Breathe Analyzer

We analyze your breather for good!

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