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Frequently Asked Questions (ML Engineers)

What is Featurepreneur?

Featurepreneur is similar to freelancer but only Machine Learning and Data enthusiast can work on it. Unlike freelancer websites, Featurepreneur doesn't focus on money but volunteer work.

Also, volunteers can propose a feature for your product by assessing your existing features. So, employers don't need to spend much time on writing a new requirement which needed for their audience.

Employers can chip out some money if they like the feature they got from the ML Engineers. Also, employers can give recommendation letters to the volunteers after the proper delivery.

I am a ML Engineer. How can I use Featurepreneur?

You can sign up and login to update your profile on Featurepreneur. Once you logged in, you can see the Featurepreneur requirements by checking your profile menu.

You can start engaging one or more features and finish the task given by employers.

Will I get some money for the work I do?

It depends on the requirement you work on. However, we will not show any amount details in the requirements page. So, you will not have any clue about which requirement has higher amount and which one has lower amount.

This is to avoid the system abuse and to encourage you on the leanring of ML. We don't want to be another freelancer but a fun based education platform when you can learn some Machine Learning by engaging ML requirements.

Lastly, you might be eligible to get a recommendation letter from the employer after successul delivery.

Why can't I see the money in the requirements page?

Our platform is designed to let you learn by engaging the real world requirements not to focus on money always. There might be other platforms if you are looking for money alone.

How much minimum and maximum amount I can make per requirement?

Some requirements come up with only recommendation letters. However, we would employers to give a minium of 250 Tact Coins for each requirement.

Maximum Tact coins can go up to 100, 000 Tact Coins and go beyond that as well. Some of our enthusiasts earned 50,000 Tact Coins in beta mode in 2018-2019.

Would it be single phase delivery or multpile phases?

Some requirements come up with single phase. If the employer likes, they can come up multiple phases and Tact coins for each phase.

Some of our employers like to give away small Tact coins to find the right volunteers and hiken up their Tact coins in the next phases as things go well. It is completely up to the employers and we can't do anything with it.

How do I get the money if I am eligible?

If the requirement has money involved in it, it will be always in Tact Coins (like Google credits). You can convert the coins to real cash or gift every week. You can check the Tact Coins page for more details.

Can I get a job with an employer?

Might be. If you do well on the given requirements, your employer might be happy to take you long term/short term contracts of full time job. This is completely up to the employer and we can't force anything here.

Will I know the employer details like location, etc?

It depends on the employer. If they want to keep it anonymous, you can't get any details about them.

Can I put the employer name in my profile after the successful task delivery?

It depends on the employer. If they like it, you can use their name in your profile.

Do you have any Levels?

There are 7 Levels in Featureshop. Each level has different monetary benefits. You can start making money from Level 2.

You can create a small data collection app within 1-2 hours. Each app should be approved by our FS admin team.

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