Public Feature Requirements V

FS1410: Logo fitter in Thumbnail

Add customized wordings and logo in the thumbnail.

FS1411: Covid Vaccinated Data Visuals

Collect the dataset of vaccinated people based on their age and visualize it.

FS1412: Stock Comparator using Fundamentals

Fundementals include EPS, P/E Ratio, P/B Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio, ROCE, P/S ratio, Current ratio, Dividend Yield. Compare 2 stocks and recommend best one to buy.

FS1413: Visualize world's population by age group

Use Highcharts for visualization


FS1414: 15 Decades of US National Debt.

Visualize the stats using highcharts

FS1415: Most preferred Tax Havens for Entrepreneurs

Find the countries and their stats. Visualize the data.

FS1416: Compare Covid Vaccine Prices in Various Countries

Find the prices of Various vaccines and its price and visualize it to compare.

FS1417: Key events in rise of Online Shopping

Put a timeline chart to represent the key events for the rise of Online Retail.