Effort Levels

max efforts max benefits~
Baseed on our 10+ years experience in the IT candidates validation techniques, we came up with effort levels like how much your employee or a new employee can work for you.
These levels will give you a generic idea about IT employees and their effort levels. These levels analyzed only for hyper-growth startups!
Take these with a grain of salt always.

Level 1:

They show ground work to the level 1 like basic interview questions etc. You can feel them that they are so good at technologies if you interview them for 40 mins.
But when you give the work, you will understand they couldn't do anything as they promised in the interview.
It's a waste of time hiring them. Beware of such candidates.

Level 2:

They have higher online footprints like HackerRank, EleetCode but do well in the interview as well.
Also, they will do the base work after hiring. However, when the work is gettting complex, they will freak out and can't get the work finally.
They are good for basic tool research and simple application development. You can't trust them to make a complex architecture.
Still they are employable.

Level 3:

They can help you to build basic to medium projects as they can tolerate the medium projects. You can get their support to build complex support, however they can't do it alone.
You need Level 8/9 candiadate to guide these level 3 employees. They might be lacking basic interview skills but they do great at work - which means you can trust them on medium projects.

Level 4:


Level 5:

They can take are your scalable projects in a certain level, though they can't think like an architect. They can learn things by some experiments, however, you can't replace them withe Level 9 architects as they lack Architectural skills neither they will be ready to move on building their architectural skills.

Level 6:


Level 7:


Level 8:

They are one step behind the architects and they care more about the project flow than architectural way. It's really hard to find such candidates as you can't guess in the first interview.
They might fail initially and in the interviews because they don't have higher score online like Algorithm tests etc.
However, they learn things great and do support in your medium to big projects. If you train them enough, they can be great architects.

Level 9:

They create architectural road maps for you and guide you better for the next 15 years.
However, you need to pay them hefty salary. Unless you are strongly funded, don't even thinking of about hiring them.
If you have a strong investor background, go and hire them. They are the must candidates to support your scaling.

Level 10:

They will learn to the maximum level and take care of any complex architecture, applications.
However, they might replicate your application somewhere or they can start a new company by cloning your app. You must be very careful about them.
If you don't care about code-theft (as a startup, you can't afford attorneys to sue them), they are the best employees for you.