Learning Challenge

Learning is fun!

Details of the Event:

  1. Team members: Only 2

  2. Prior teaming up not allowed

  3. All teams will have to use our Learning Analytics Extension in order to gather related articles to the given problem

  4. Every player will be asked to sign up on Learning Analytics (mandatory)

  5. No prior knowledge on Machine Learning will be required

  6. We will be monitoring and keeping a close watch on all the contestants

  7. We will measure the quick learning ability with teaming up skills. So, quick learning matters a lot!

  8. Cash price will be given to the person with the most articles (This will be an individual event)

  9. Winning team will be given some cash price which will be disclosed later.

Session 1:

  1. Solve a problem which is based on simple python concepts and gather related articles as much as possible

  2. We will predict a learning partner for you based on similarities

  3. Usage of Learning Analytics for participants is mandatory

  4. Timings: 10 AM to 12 PM

Session 2:

  1. Accept your learning partner and solve the second problem that will be given to you

  2. You can get some help from Mentors if you are stuck while solving the problem.

  3. We measure your enthusiasm when learning new topics and score on your learning ability, teaming up skills and various factors.

  4. Timings: 4 PM - 6 PM

Final results will be calculated and disclosed once the event gets over. So participate and win exciting prizes! All the best!

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