Training Program (ML & MaaMs)

Machine Learning Training Program
Machine Learning demand is going all time high so does MLOps.
At TactLbas, we have coined the term called MaaMs (Model As A Microsevice) where you easily convert your Machine Learning Model to functionable app so it can used directly as an API or an app.
In order to become a MLOps, you might need to know 60% Machine Learnig and 40% DevOps.
Our experts will teach you the necessary things to become a MLOps candidate so you can upgrade your career in Machine Learning.
This is a 500 Hour program where you can learn 60% ML and 40% Devops!
In this 500 Hours training program you will be involved in these things: - ML basic and intermediate - Improve your Kaggle score and ranking - Basic MLOps - Basic MaaMs - 3 Capstone projects with complete Microservice based apps
Talk to us [email protected] to get to know more about this program.
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