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Intern Graduation Criteria
Interns in TacLabs has to satisfy these criteria in order to graduate and receive certificate

10 Articles Mandatory

    1 - Intern at TactLabs
    1 - Features you have done in FPR
    8 - Tech Topics

Feature Day

    Talk about your Intern experience
    1 in 5 presentation gets a gift card
    Max. 15 minutes/presentation
    Max. 4 students/team
    English is highly recommended
    1 in 5 testimonial gets a gift card

LinkedIn recommendation

    Only for the top 20% Intern


    Excel Sheet with the following variables
    Resource Link 1
    Resource Link 2
    Resource Link 3
    Resource Link 4
    Resource Link 5
    Resource Link 6
    Resource Link 7
    Topics on which you've worked
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