Public Feature Requirements

FS1011: Baseball autoscoring

I want to take baseball event files and break them into sequence of pitches and the classes of results Each game of baseball consists of 9 innings per team. Each team starts batting until there are three outs, and then the other team batting.
So a total of 27 outs per team until there is a winning team. On average a pitcher (bowler) needs around 5 - 6 pitch attempts per man out or for a “hit” to be registered.
The result would be the code with:
input : the game selected output: a list of single codes relating to the result of each pitch for each team for that game It’s complicated but at the end it is c coding problem, rather than a sports problem https://www.retrosheet.org/eventfile.htm
Note: This is one of our mentor’s small app request. We can fund the volunteers who can wok on this task. You come up with a plan and we will help you out to get it done.
Benefits: Feature Shop benefits (check above or talk to Sameena) Testimonial from a Canadian (in both LinkedIn recommendation and a hand written format)

FS1012: Fakepreneur

Find Fake Entrepreneur by using Naive Bayes. Coffee Zilla - Fake Guru https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez8yKklc1lE
Sample content:
Yes, good to connect with you Raja. Hope your safe and well during this time. I see you have an ambitious profile along with being a Research Lead. I am in Dallas, USA: been working in Technology for over 12 years and outside of that building my own assets with mentorship of successful enterpreneurs to create ongoing cash flow. In addition to what you do currently, do you keep your options open for entreprenuerial opportunities? Do you believe in diversifying outside of a job title to create financial stability? We are looking to expand and identify a partner for our Canada team. If yes, let’s have an introductory conversation for us to know each other better & see if there is a mindset match then we could potentially take it forward. Let me know? Checkpoints: Q1 - Q2 - ... Q5 - By using 5 Checkpoints, I should be able to find whether XYZ is a Fake entrepreneur

FS1013: Emotion Sentence Creator

I want to take baseball event files and break them into sequence of pitches and the classes of results Each game of baseball consists of 9 innings per team.
Each team starts batting until there are three outs, and then the other team batting.So a total of 27 outs per team until there is a winning team.
On average a pitcher (bowler) needs around 5 -6 pitch attempts per man out or for a "hit" to be registered.
The result would be the code with:
input : the game selected
output: a list of single codes relating to the result of each pitch for each team for that game It's complicated but at the end it is c coding problem, rather than a sports problem https://www.retrosheet.org/eventfile.htm
Feature Holders: TBA

FS1014: RilVille

Need to store My Recent Inspiration List (RIL) and show with better visualization. RIL: April Dunford name Linkedin Link 3 hobbies Sunil Sharma 3 hobbies
  • Only view option in the public
Feature Holders: TBA

FS1015: PunchCard

Feature - 20 hours
Details will be updated later
Feature Holders: TBA

FS1016: City Skills

Details will be updated later
Feature Holders: Aishwarya & Vaishnavi

FS1017: BookCollectionVisual

Title: My Book collection - Need to do some visualization and analytics on it.
First come first serve
Details will be updated later
Feature Holders: TBA

FS1018: Similar Topics

Title: Predict similar topic using NLP
Details will be updated later
Feature Holders: TBA

FS1019: Hospital Pricing

Feature: Hospital Pricing:
TA: Lower Middle Class Middle Class Upper Middle Class
Details will be updated later
Feature Holders: TBA

FS1020: Amazon top 10

Title: Tell me top 10 products which are sold quickly in Amazon, Etsy.
Ask me more questions to understand it.

FS1021: Learning Analytics

Title: Learning Analytics
I need to collect ML Articles and show as in the Google Search.
As an admin, I should be able to add an article by using a simple form. Also, Chrome plugin woule be helpful to store the article.
Form should have: Title Link Comment
Landing / Search page: By default, it should show the Page recommendation. Search page should have search option as well. When I type, it should show all articles related to them.
Upcoming features: It should create a LI post automatically.

FS1022: AnyRecommendation

Sep 04, 2020
Title: Any Reco / Any Recommendation
Tags: anyreco
Anyone can recommend you on anything.
I did a great help for one of the local employers. He wants to share his recommendation letter. As of now, there is no option other than LinkedIn. Anyreco will solve the problem.
Anyreco can be online certificate, pdf and in voice as well.
Initially, we can keep it as in LinkedIn.

FS1023: Tact Company Index

Tact Company Index
Criteria: Company Name Developer Operating System (DOS) Dev Team Size Research Team Size Research Team Score Added By

FS1024: Handwritten Lyrics

Create Handwritten Youtube Lyrics Video
Do a competition in it!

FS1025: Local Password Manager

Local Password Manager:
I need to store my credentials in SQLite by using simple Flask UI.
It should be similar to Tact Coins UI.

FS1026: Customer Spelling Mistake Finder

Customer Spelling Mistake Finder
When I type Semeena, it is not correcting me.
Feature holder: Amrita Progress: 10%

FS1027: Nice Web Pages

Nice Web Pages:
I would like to store all Nice Web Pages with some comments.
Sample: https://www.almacampus.com/home Comment: Testimonial section is so good in this page
Table: primary_id Web_Link (text : string) Comment (textarea: string) Added_by (text: string) Added_at
Phase2: Chrome Plugin support Customize this plugin to store Current Web Page link, Cropped Image, Comment https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/screenshot-capture/giabbpobpebjfegnpcclkocepcgockkc?hl=en https://github.com/simov/screenshot-capture

FS1028: Startup Analyzer

I am collecting startups, small companies to analyze their details whether they would close within 3 years are not. For that, I need to collect their details like core employees, founding team, etc.
If I can have a simple form, it would be easier for me to store and keep watching them regularly.
Also, I should have an automated data collector tool which collects the data regularly about the companies I shared in my portfolio.

FS1029: Incident Map

Incident map like this website https://harassmap.org/ar
Sample incidents: Bribe Harassment Bullying Cheating Assault

FS1030: FeelI

FeelI Data Collection UI

FS1031: File Storer

Store mp3, csv files with play/view option online
It should be similar to Google Drive, Drop box

FS1032: Secret Admirer Board

Secret Admirer Board (SAB)

FS1033: Encoption

Pseudonym maker to hide our original users in Learning Analytics data.

FS1034: Wiki Content

Get pure content of Wikipedia by link

FS1035: Kaggle Profile Distance

Find Kaggle Distance calculator by location between two profiles

FS1036: Kaggler Collector

Collect 500, 1000, 1500 Kagglers

FS1037: Background Changer

Background changer:
Change the background by Machine Learning
It can be used for: Product Background Book Background Review Background Form Background

FS1038: Abstract ImgeML

Abstract ImageML:
Draw Abstract Image by ML

FS1039: Article Auto Summary

Article Auto summary
Should create 3 line summary of this article.
Also, it should show: If you read this article, you will tend to feel -4/-10 negativity about Google.

FS1040: Auto Sentiment Meter

Auto sentiment meter
It should show: If you read this article, you will tend to feel -4/-10 negativity about Google.

FS1040: OpenBot

Open Bot

FS1041: District Finder

Find Districts in this PDF:

FS1042: Data2NewInsights


FS1043: GII Report

Create a Report for IIT Delhi Dean
Based on Innovation in India GII

FS1044: Compare Countries

Compare two countries in chart

FS1045: ML Profile Collector

Collect ML Profiles with 2 line comment This would help us to find the valid ML Profiles, not fakers
Text Area
Keep Text area to dump all links. You will have to find the appropriate and insert into the table.
2 lines comment

FS1046: Routine Report

Routine Report
Companies like Google, Microsoft keep their routine work (which doesn't need much researcha and innovation) to India and saves Billion Dollars. We need to find those thigns and create a report on it.

FS1047: TubeLines

Summarize the video in 2 lines Use only ML based videos and this feature should be used only for education purposes

FS1048: Cover Letter Monk

Create Cover letter sentences for specific profile and Job requirements

FS1049: Kaggle Profile Collector

Kaggle Profile Collector:

FS1050: Anomalies Finder

Find the Anomalies in the replies

FS1051: FlixLines

Learn from TV Show lines
Highlight the lines with meaning

FS1052: MuteAny

Mute a Sneeze during the meeting

FS1053: Ask Me Anything

Ask me Anything App:
Guest can login by email, given pass_key Audience can login by email
Admin: Converted this to task

FS1054: Copy Paste Plugin

I need a Chrome plugin to copy paste the image I want in the browser

FS1055: Flix Learning

FlixLearning: NetFlix Learning
Highlight the sentence and add meaning Show the added meaning with highlight
This will be used for Netflix TV Shows and
List Episode
Episode content



FS1057: Nuevoo Noise Analyzer

The Existing Nuevoo jobs are noisy with too much False Positives.

FS1058: LinkedIn Influencer

Collect LinkedIn influencer content

FS1059: ML Interview Questions

Collect DS-ML Interview Questions in various companies:


I need a form like

FS1061: D Reality

The D Reality:
thedreality.com is available

FS1062: President Liner

US Presidents' One liners
Find the most negative emotion
Find the most positive emotion

FS1063: NRI Views

NRI Views:
Talk with NRI and ask them why did they leave the country?
It's a statistical based analysis
P1: 500 Entries
P2: 1000 Entries
P3: 1500 Entries



FS1065: Lumen Clone

FS1066: Opportunity Value Index

Opportunity Value Index

FS1067: Quick Plot

Quick Plot
I need to convert my simple image-text, image-table to quick plot
TextImage to Plot ImageTable to Plot

FS1068: Handwritten Creativity

Handwritten Creativity:
The app is all about your handwritten stuff without using any trendy tech.

FS1069: ML Cover Letters

Collect ML Cover Letters

FS1070: Tact College Index

TactCollgeIndex (TCI)
Github Projects
Medium Blogs
Public Projects (Other than Github)
Research Work
Books Written
Collect Tier2-3 Colleges in TN

FS1071: MemeTag

Auto tag the existing Memes
sample tags: Deep Learning Tensorflow

FS1072: Video Summarizer

Summarize the long video to me

FS1073: Top 10 Words

I want to see top 10 new english words in the last decade by country
USA UK Canada India

FS1074: Ted Talks

Collect 100 Youtube TED Talk videos with transcriptions
Classify them by using ML and NLP

FS1075: Tech Articles

Collect 20,000 Tech articles (primarily ML)
Classify them by using ML and NLP

FS1076: Fuzzy+

Fuzzy+ Library
Here "South Korea" and "SouthKorea" matches only 40% in Fuzzywuzzy.
I want you to create a new model on top of Fuzzywuzzy to increase score like 90%

FS1077: Dataset Analyzer

We have 100 datasets. One new comers uploads a dataset which is the same or 90% similar to one of our existing datasets. How do we identify them.

FS1078: Povery Analysis

I want to see the same analysis (map, table, chart) by states/provinces in India/Canada.

FS1079: Violence Visual

I want a unique visual for the same data

FS1080: Small Data Collector

Small Data Collector App
User should register and create a simple description about any informtion she wanted. Once the data collector requirement is set, she should have a unique link

FS1081: Pandas Unique Topics

Pandas unique topics
I have covered pandas unique topics. You will have to show me a plot with all topics in x, y coordinates

FS1082: Content Analyzer

Content Analyzer
Walmart content pages having some issues while publishing. Our content analyzer will help you to identify the publishing mistakes. Our ML validator will show your more insights on the published data.
Employer: Syndigo

FS1083: Quality Ads

Craigslist ads - High quality ads finder with ML

FS1084: American Health Expenses

American Health Expenses
Why American Healthcare Is The Worst In The Developed World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO1IoKN0AkY

FS1085: ML Meme Maker:

Create ML Memes Page
mlmeme.com is available

FS1086: Smaltics

Small and Smart Analytics: (smaltics)
You send us a simple data in CSV, SQLite We will do some ML magic We will send to JS library 2 Defined js pipes (barplot)
We focus on small data rather than big data
Small Data + Analytics:
Admin: Converted to Task

FS1087: Li Recommendation Collection

Li Recommendation collection
P1: 100 recommendations
Admin: Converted this as a Task

FS1088: Simple Population

Simple population:

FS1089: RTG

App to collect answers from RTG book
Risk-taking Gene Book quetions
The link shoud be associated with LinkedIn Link
The form should have: Name
LinkedIn Link
Questions and Answer Inputs

FS1090: Visual Imbalance

In classification based data, I need to see visually like plots whether the dataset is imbalanced or not.

FS1091: Entre Data

I want to collect entrepreneur data manually with some variables and predict the new entreprenuer's value.
variables: prior startup success


The forgotten “wade-ins” that transformed the US


Reddit bots are hunting down online racists, one post at a time

FS1094: Certificate Collector

Collect Certificates

FS1095: Ohio Effect Analyzer

Analyze Ohio Effect by keeping an app

FS1096: Interview Monk

IM Should help me asking the right ML interview questions
It should have 50 questions.
Based on the questions I have asked, it would

FS1097: Support Mother Tongue

A social experiment:
We will record your conversation You will get 5% discount for this If we find your conversation and words are unique comparing our existing words, you will get 10% of your total bill. Totally, you can get up to 15% discount.

FS1098: Privacy Collector

Collect privacy and terms and conditions

FS1099: Go Fund Me Analyzer

Analyze GoFundMe content and payment

FS1100: Backlify

Background Check: backlify.com is available
Criminal Records
Discrimination Records
Nepotism Records
Sexism Records
Anti Semetic Records
Scandal Records
Bully Records
Our smart search engine will automatically search and collect data about the given profile if not data collected before.

Tech components: