Gaming Requirements


Tact Say:
GLS - Gamified Learning System (2.0)
Say or Pay Game
Rhyming: Taxi
Versions: v1.0 - Friday, Dec 18 v1.1 - Friday, Dec 18
Monopoly / Buisness Game
Tact Game Coin - TGC
Levels: 1 - 10 TGC - Level * 10
Say or Pay Game: Tact Ubuntu Game with
Learn 20 commands: Keep the commands open for 15 minutes
A: roll and get the spot Level : 2 Say: Do something with directory Pay: 20 Tact Coins Whoever comes on A's spot has to say a command which is related to the given topic Possible answers:
B: Level : 1 Say: Say about Wget Pay: 10 Tact Coins Possible answers: wget -q wget -nv wget -c wget -i wget --limit-rate wget -b wget -o wget -mk -w C: Level : 3 Say: Say about grep Pay: 30 Tact Coins Possible answers: